Zoom Voicemail & Text Scam For Help or Retrieve Message- Beware!

Beware of Fake Numbers claiming to be from Zoom. We have had a lot of readers sending complaints of being charged £6.00 after making a call to Zoom.

Did you receive a text message that claimed you have a Zoom voicemail from Freya27 and to call 09095569793 to retrieve the message, or for help call 02038079021?.

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Or, was it a text message that claimed to be a Zoom voicemail from Jenn22 to call 02038079021 to retrieve the message?

We are pleased to tell you it is a scam! When you call the numbers you would be charged a hell lot of money, as it is a premium rate number.

These numbers are being used with different names.

If you receive the message from these numbers, you should not  follow the instructions in them because they are simply a trick to get potential victims to call a premium rate number.


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