Zuinic.com Review: Deceit Exposed- Another Scam Online Store- Beware!

Zuinic Review: Genuine or Fraudulent Store? Before ordering for goods online, it is important to check online reviews and see for yourself what experts have to say. This is because the number of fraudulent online stores keep rising each day, so it is better to be on the safe side.

Zuinic located at Zuinic.com is offering huge discounts on its dresses. Is Zuinic.com a scam online store? or is Zuinic legit? Should you comfortably dive into this ecommerce store? These and many more are the questions we hope to answer with our review of this online store.

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HAVE YOU BEEN SCAMMED? If you have lost your money to online scammers, there is an opportunity you could get back your money.

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What Is Zuinic.com?

Zuinic.com is an online store that is selling tissue papers for as low as $17 per roll.

A look at the website’s homepage shows images of this ‘Northen tissue’. Apart from that there is nothing much on the website.

When we checked the claims made by this website they seem too good to be true, and we couldn’t help but ask the same questions you’re probably asking –is Zuinic.com genuine?’ is this Store trustworthy or just a rip off scam? How do I know if an online store is scam or  legit

Zuinic Tissue review

Zuinic.com Contact Details – How To Reach This Store

  • Website-https://www.zuinic.com/
  • Email:service@zuinic.com

How Does Zuinic Online Store Work

Zuinic.com is offering its toilet papers for huge discounts. They are making use of facebook as a platform to market their products. They claim to provide worldwide free shipping. You might be thinking this is the right place to get tissue papers. However, don’t be in a hurry to order from this store without reading this review till the end.

Zuinic Scam Review- Disturbing Things Found

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the rate of fraudulent online stores keep rising each day. Unsuspecting shoppers keep falling prey to seemingly ‘genuine’ stores that turned out to be fraud in the end. This reinforced our decision to  fish out suspicious online stores, with the aim of saving you the disappointment and stress.

Below are red flags which gave us more reasons to mark Zuinic.com as an Untrustworthy Store

Unresponsive Mail

You might probably be thinking this store is a safe place to shop because they provide mail. However, this is just a ploy to make you lower when your guard. When we ran a background check on the mail provided by this store. We discovered it is already a lot of people who ordered for tissues are having problem reaching the people behind this store . The truth is, even when you send a hundred mail to ask about your order, you wouldn’t receive a reply.

No History

When we checked whois we discovered that this store was created recently. It is not even up to two months old. This alone is a big turn off. How can a fairly new website be offering products for next to nothing without providing contact details expect us to believe it is legot?

Fake Buttons

This store provides pictures of payment gateways like Mastercard below their homepage, however they are not clickable. This means they are playing with your emotional intelligence. Seeing those approved payment system images might make you lower your guard, however don’t be deceived.

No Social Media Presence

Though this store provides social media buttons, when you click on them they only take you back to Zuinic homepage. Even when we checked online, we couldn’t see an official social media page for this store. We always advise our readers to shop from online stores where they can be followed from their social media page, be it Facebook or Instagram.

Zuinic [April 2020] Reviews

A lot of people who had ordered for tissue from zuinic.com has faced one difficulty or the other. In reality, this store dos not provide a tracking pin, so there is no way you can know where your order is. Below is what a shopper has to say about zuinic.com online store-

id an extra charge for SVIP Shipping (3 – 7 Days). Today is the end of the 7th day and I have yet to receive any form of communication from Zuinic other than the initial confirmation of my order on March 23rd. I have emailed numerous times to try and find out about shipping/tracking and have not had the courtesy of a reply. Not a good way to do business. I have contacted PayPal and and made a claim. They said that they have sent a message to Zuinic and are waiting for a reply. Needless to say I am very disappointed”-

The Truth About Zuinic Online Store

Zuinic.com is playing with your emotional intelligence by using the name of a popular tissue brand ‘Northern’. However, if you’re patient enough to look at the product pictures properly, you would discover that what is written is ‘Northen’ not ‘Northern’.

This shows that the people behind this store are smart lots, playing with your intelligence.

Is Zuinic.com a Trustworthy Online Store?

Zuinic is an Unreliable store using the low price as a bait to lure you to their store. We advise you to tread carefully, and never forget to share your experiences with us.

If you have been scammed by this online store, we advise you to file a complaint with your bank immediately, and also change your credit card if possible.

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Placed an order with Zuinic.com on March 19. Haven’t heard a word from them since. No reply to my email. The order number doesn’t link to a functioning web page. And, ‘customer service’ has an email that obviously fake: ffffmgfp1@gmail.com


I ordered from them, got nothing, sent email, got nothing, Issued order number can’t be tracked. Charge appears as “Yagood Technology”-Hong Kong